Be Your Own Magic

Small Batch Beautiful Bath & Body Products

Each product is made with a magical intention & specific ingredients to bring out the magical properties, but the real magic comes from YOU! 

Every product comes with a spell or ritual to be done while using the product to help activate it’s magical potential. 

How BYOMagic is Different

Extra Info

Magical Potential

Be Your Own Magic Products have what I like to call “Magical Potential” they aren’t inherently magical. I invoke spells and rituals while creating my products to boost their magical potential but the magic is activated by the consumer.

I spend time writing custom spells for each of my products in order to empower my customers to make the magic happen. I have already had many reviews from people saying that the spells and products worked and helped them. However it is not necessary to do the spells to be able to enjoy the products. Alternatively, if my spells don’t particularly speak to you, you are more than welcome to create your own spell or ritual to do along side the use of your BYOM products.

My spells are intuitively curated with loving light and intention and I truely believe that Spirit & the universe is communicating through me when I create my products and write my rituals; to give you exactly what you need. It is because of this that I maintain small batches of my products, and each batch of the same products will be a little different every time. 

The inspiration behind Be Your Own Magic is that we all have Magical Potential inside of us and sometimes we just need a little direction to get the crystal ball rolling.

I am grateful to be given this opportunity and gift to be able to open the realm of magic and witchcraft in a practical, positive and fun way for those who are interested in being their own magic. 

Questions or Concerns

I am very open and active on social media, and Be Your Own Magic is my passion so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns or just to chat about Magical stuff!

Email me at or send me a message on the @byomagic instagram or my personal page @wife_witch 


Be Your Own Magic does not make any health or medical claims regarding the use of any of our products. Our products are not intended to be used to treat or cure any medical condition. Always seek advice from your physician for treatment of a medical condition.
Please use all bath and body products with common sense: do not consume or get in eyes or nose, they are for external use only.
For those with allergies or sensitive skin, I am happy to disclose the ingredients of every product. If you experience rash or irritation please discontinue use.

Certain essential oils and herbs are not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation, or if you have certain medical conditions; please consult a doctor for advice. 

We take absolutely no responsibility for the misuse of any of our bath and body products.

We never test our product on animals.

I personally test each product before I make it available to you.

We do not accept returns.