What is a Yoni Steam? Healing the Divine Feminine 🌷 via House Wife Witch Life

Yesterday I experienced something that I have been interested in and studying for a while now, a Yoni Steam! Simply put, a Yoni Steam is like a facial steam but for your lady parts. This ancient practice involves sitting over a pot of herb infused warm water and allowing the steam to tone, soften and rejuvenate both the interior and exterior realms. Yoni steaming is a simple traditional remedy that we, modern day women, can call upon to naturally treat the root causes of the challenges associated with the menstrual cycle as well as heal past traumas, and emotional issues that may be stored in our wombs.

Yoni Steams are known to:

    • Increase Libido
    • Shorten Menses
    • Lessen PMS Symptoms
    • Tightens, Tones & Nourishes
    • Aids in Balancing Hormones
    • Releases Stored Womb Energy
    • Reduce period pain significantly.
    • Address pre and post-menstrual spotting.
    • Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles.
    • Improve fertility.
    • Increase circulation and blood flow.
    • Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after childbirth.
    • Cleanse the uterine lining of old blood.
    • Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis.
    • Improve period bleeding that is brown or black in colour.
    • Assist with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy and hemorrhoids.
    • Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and work to maintain healthy vaginal flora.
    • Relieve symptoms of menopause including hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

You can easily do your vaginal steam in the comfort of your own home, you can either …

  • Use a  Yoni Steam chair
  • Find a suitable place where you’ll be able to squat over the pot
  • Sanitise your toilet and place a stainless steel or heat safe glass bowl into the bowl of your toilet
  • You can lie in child’s pose with your pelvis positioned over the bowl. (This was my first attempted positioning which made for wet blankets and thigh burns)
  • You could also try sitting on the edge of your bathtub with the steam pot in the tub. (This is the method I found easiest & most comfortable)

Basically any way that you can position your body over the pot and feel supported and comfortable.

Whatever method you choose, you want to be sure you are as warm and comfortable as possible, so don’t be afraid to use props and extra blankets to get set up. If you do a quick Google search for DIY yoni steam seat, there are a bunch of different options and ideas. I tried a couple different positions to find the best one for me and ended up getting a slight burn on my thighs so be careful!

I recommend setting up the sacred space before hand, while your water is warming up and test positions at that time. I also recommend bringing a glass of water and/or something to drink with you, as I got a little hot & parched during the process.




  • Lidded pot and electric hot plate OR a small 3-4 quart crock pot (that you would dedicate to using only for yoni steaming) – Either of these work well. If you don’t have a crock pot, you can get a single electric burner and use that with a large lidded pot. If you don’t have a way to keep your pot of water heated while you’re steaming, you can use a pot of boiled water, just be aware that the steam may not last the full 20-30 minutes of the steam.
  • Recommended: ‘Be Your Own Magic Yoni Tea’ Blend of herbs. Use ¼ cup of herbal blend for 6 cups of water. There are approximately 6 servings of ingredients in each pouch. *The first product in this line that I have created is the [Other] Worldly Woman Blend which has:
    • Organic Calendula Flower: Herbal sunshine, Inner warmth,  Empathy, Healing inner woundedness, Skin-healing, Anti-inflammatory, Moistening, Tones uterus.
    • Organic Chamomile: Comforting love, Healing, Removes Negativity, Stress Reducing, Anti-Anxiety, Relaxing, Anti-Inflammatory, Mildly Sedative, and Nervines (calming for the nervous system).
    • Organic Motherwort: Resonance with physical heart and uterus. For those needing mothering. Mothering ourselves. Strengthens and relaxes uterine muscles, eases cramps, stimulates flow, balances hormones.
    • Organic Melissa (Lemon Balm): Aphrodisiac, Fertility, Anti-Depressant, Healing of those suffering from mental, emotional or nervous disorders. Release. Anti-Viral, Natural Pain Reliever, Treats Cold-Sores & Herpes.
    • Organic Rose Petals: Heart medicine, Love vibration, Uplifting, Soothing, Eases menstrual pain,  Astringes heavy bleeding. Anti-inflammatory.
    • Organic Lavender: Calming, Clarifying, Clearing, Relaxant, Antispasmodic (eases cramps), Stimulates flow (good for scarce periods).
  • Cozy socks and/or slippers – SO important to keep your feet super warm and cozy.
  • Bedsheet and a heavy blanket – This will wrap around your lower body creating a cloak to trap in the steam. Wrap the bedsheet first then the blanket on top. Use old sheets & blankets or something that you don’t mind potentially getting wet or dirty.
  • Journal, pen, tarot cards, crystals or any other talisman of choice, sage or palo santo for clearing – It’s nice to clear the area with palo santo or sage before you begin to move out any old energy.
  • You can create a small altar space if desired. Keep a journal and pen nearby if you’d like to write while you steam. If you have a tarot deck, you can pull a card before you start and use this card to meditate on during your steam.


The card that I pulled today during my steam was from my Universal Wisdom Oracle Deck and it was the “Release” Card. It states, “It is time to release yourself from an ongoing negative attachment with someone who hurt you in the past. Even though you have no physical contact, this person continues to hurt you because you continue to give power to them through your thoughts. An energetic attachment still exists. On a conscious level, you may believe you have already worked through this issue; however on a heartfelt level you still carry the hurt. Healing is a process which has many layers. It is possible to detach from this situation yet the first step to understand why it is important for you to let go of this issue; you are doing this for ‘you’ and no one else. Also know that in releasing this issue, you are not condoning the person's actions or behavior; rather you are consciously choosing not to be a perpetual victim to his or her past actions. Realize that by holding on to this hurt, you are allowing the person to keep on hurting you.”

I plan on writing a ritual and spell for use with my [Other] Worldly Woman Yoni Tea. The ritual will address this subject of release, so that we all may be able to use this process to heal and release ourselves from those who unconsciously bind us. The Yoni Steam process was very releasing in a physical sense because I felt extremely relaxed but also releasing from an emotional standpoint. Releasing from the emotional body.

Women carry so much in our emotional body: Our womb is where we carry emotions around anger, resentment, inability to forgive and let go of past traumas. It is also where we carry our creativity, self-expression, ability to manifest abundance and most importantly, the magic of our life-giving, compassionate, feminine essence. When our womb is full of one, there is no room for the other. As science is now finding out, our emotional and physical bodies are connected - our emotional state determines our physical health. Yoni steaming supports the release of past trauma to welcome in the new seeds we wish to grow. We forgive others to set ourselves free!




  1. Set up your stool or whatever you are using in a comfortable, quiet place with your journal and pen, a glass of water and any altar items nearby. You can use palo santo or sage to clear out any old energy in the space.
  2. Bring 1.5L / 6 cups water to a boil in a pot then turn off heat
  3. Place your BYOM Worldly Woman Yoni Tea herbs in your lidded pot or crock pot and then pour boiling water over them. The heat will help extract the volatile oils of the herbs.
  4. Steep herbs for 10 minutes in the water
  5. Remove pot from the stove and transfer the herbal infusion to your steaming station. Set your crockpot to low, or your electric burner to low if you’re using that method. You can turn it up later if it’s not warm enough. Place the lidded pot or crockpot under your stool, or in your tub or toilet, with the lid fully on, so the steam doesn’t escape.
  6. If you want to draw a tarot card, this would be a great time to do so. You can also do the Ritual & Spell included from Be Your Own Magic or listen to a guided meditation or some soothing music.
  7. Disrobe from the waist down and wrap a large blanket or towel around your waist to contain the steam.
    • Go pee first, you are going to feel like you have to pee no matter what, but being able to relax and not worry about it is best.
    • You can use a towel as padding for your butt on your stool or whatever you are sitting on.
    • Put your socks and/or slippers on.
    • Wrap a sheet around your lower body then wrap at least one more blanket around you. The blankets should reach all the way to the ground so they create a tent around your body. Keep in mind that the heavier and thicker the blankets you use, the hotter the steam will be. I like to use a flannel sheet and one thick wool blanket.
  8. Once you are all set up, release the steam very slowly. Start by removing the lid about a half inch. The heat should not feel intense, but light at first and will slowly build over the course of the steam. If you think it’s not warm enough though, you can remove the lid another half an inch. Just proceed with caution, as you do not want to burn your precious vaginal tissues!
  9. Steam your vagina for 20-30 minutes. The steam should feel pleasant, and you’ll likely find the sensation enjoyable.
  10. This is a great time to relax. You can write in a journal, listen to a guided meditation or set some intentions for yourself.
    • I will include a BYOM ritual and links to some guided meditations that I enjoy with my Other Worldly Women Yoni Tea.
    • You can use this time to meditate, go inward, write in your journal, be contemplative, read poetry, listen to music or a guided meditation, whatever you feel you need in the moment
    • I haven’t yet completed the Ritual & Spell I am writing for this product yet but it’s going to be a combination of meditation, mantras & journaling.
  11. Once the time has passed try to remain wrapped and lie down for a nap. I ended up taking a bath afterwards.
    • Remember that yoni steaming is a form of self care so don’t rush it!
  12. Once you are done steaming, you can offer the steeped water with herbs to any plants in your yard that you’d like to give special attention to. I have a large tree in my yard that I offer most of my discarded ritual materials to.



Yoni steams can be done two to three times per month (except while menstruating). As you begin to incorporate yoni steaming into your self care routine, you’ll notice a powerful reconnection with your womb and a more pleasant and regulated menstrual cycle.


 ❗️Are pregnant or there is a chance that you’re pregnant

 ❗️Are menstruating

 ❗️Are any sort of infection

 ❗️Have an intrauterine device (IUD)

 ❗️ Have any open cuts, wounds, stitches and or sores


* Always be sure the steam temperature is mild so as to avoid scalding.

* If you have genital piercings remove them prior to steaming because they may heat and possibly cause burning.

* Do NOT use essential oils for steaming.

  • BYOM Yoni Tea Blends are created specifically with safe herbs and flowers for this process and there is no need to add anything except water.

* Be aware that your first cycle after steaming may be heavier and darker, this is a sign that your body had to purge all that “excess” out before it can feel light and healthy!

I can say that after my experience I feel much more relaxed and at ease and in tune with my body. Where I have previously held stored negativity is releasing and healing itself through this process. I did experience some mild cramping about an hour or so after the steam, but it was nothing a CBD pill, heating pad and Netflix binge of Tidying Up couldn’t fix. Now after all of that and a few chocolates I felt very calm and ready for bed. I am excited to see what continuing this ritual can provide for me, and what sharing this product and experience through Be Your Own Magic can bring to others. 3C7463D0-F34F-4E9C-9EBA-F6C38EF81A35