Fire Beard Oil
Fire Beard Oil
Fire Beard Oil
Fire Beard Oil

Fire Beard Oil

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This one is for the Magical Men! 👨🏻 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day give the man in your life a special treat, with a secret surprise inside 🤫 

This is the Fire 🔥 Beard Oil! It is the first in the line of Elemental Beard Oils, for the magical bearded humans in our lives. 🧙‍♂️ 

It ignites a fiery passion between lovers with the aphrodisiac blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Sandalwood and Cedar. It also smooths their wild beard with Apricot Oil & Argan Oil with added Vitamin E Oil for the skin. However the real magic comes in the form of the Love Spell included! ❤️

I have written a very potent Love Spell & Ritual to Enchant these Beard 🧔🏻 Oils before you gift them to your loved one causing them to be forever bonded to and in love with you. As long as you wish, whenever they smell the rich scent of their Fire Beard Oil they will be reminded of the person they love, who gave it to them, and will be inexplicably attracted to them! This spell provides an anchor of love for their soul ⚓️

They will just think the bond of love is growing stronger each day, we will know there’s a little magical help involved! 🔮 

The spell is very easy to follow, and instructions are included, but if you wish to not activate your spell that’s perfectly fine as well. It is a great all natural Beard Oil regardless. 💁🏻‍♂️ 



The Fire Beard Oil is the same blend as the Ignite Love Attraction Oil 🕯 that I will be launching as well, so if you don’t have someone in your life (yet!) to enchant, you will be able to attract one using this product & Spell! 🧲  



Set your Valentine’s Day on Fire 🔥 with a little magical help from Be Your Own Magic