Mini Apothecary Box
Mini Apothecary Box
Mini Apothecary Box

Mini Apothecary Box

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Be Your Own Magic 

Mini Apothecary 

Below is the Standard Items included in an Apothecary Box: Herbs, Candles and Crystals may vary.

You can choose which Herbs, Candles and Crystals by Selecting the Custom Option.

We can also create Custom Artwork for your Box for an Additional Fee. 

Each box will also come with a description of the ingredients magical properties as well as any spells included.

Herb Bottles: 


Lavender: Clairvoyance, Cleansing, Happiness, Tranquility, Spirituality, Dreams, Harmony, Sleep


Mugwort: Skrying, Lunar Magic, Protection, Lucid Dreaming, Visions, Ward off Evil


Lemon Balm: Love, Success, Healing, Psychic Development, Dispels Melancholy


Jasmine: Meditation, Relax, Aura Healing, Money, Psychic Protection, Confidence, Aphrodisiac


Chamomile: Purification, Protection, Sleep, Meditation, Good Fortune, Wealth, Banishing


Black Salt: Protection, Banishing, Breaking Hexes, Driving away Bad Energy, Nasty Spirits & Unwanted Guests. Non-Edible!


Pink Himalayan Salt: Absorbs and Neutralizes Negative Energy, Purifying, Cleansing, Love, Protects Relationships from Gossips & Homewreckers


Spell Candles:


Pink: Healing, Love, Friendship, Femininity 


Yellow: Learning, Comfort, Confidence, Joy


Blue: Tranquility, Health, Patience, Calm




Selenite: Calming, Cleanses Aura, Emotional Stabilizer, Calms the Mind, Clears other Crystals 


Black Tourmaline: Grounding, Balance, Protection from Negative Emotions & Intentions


Rose Quartz: Lowers Stress, Promotes Self-Love


Clear Quartz: Master Healer, Amplifying, Clearing of Mind, Can be used as substitutes for other crystals in Spells. 


Oil Rollers: 


Self Love: After having a particularly hard day that makes you feel down on yourself. Before a day where you may need an extra boost of confidence and self love *


Banishing: For use when you feel overcome by negativity; either from yourself and your own negative thoughts, or negativity from those around you (in flesh or in spirit)*


*Spells Included


Smudge Sticks:


White Sage: Clears Negative Energies from Objects, People and Spaces. It can change the mood and energy of a room. It is also used for Meditation, Cleansing and Purification. 


Palo Santo: Purifying the Spirit and Clearing Negative Energy. Also known to inspire creativity, bring a deeper connection to the divine source and aid in physical healing. 

After Purchasing a Custom Apothecary Box you will he asked to fill out the form below in order to help direct me in creating your Mini Apothecary.

Take a look at the Options Prior to Purchase.
Feel free to fill out the form upon ordering.